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Sliding Door Locks

It’s extremely important to keep your sliding door lock in proper condition for security and convenience reasons. Here’s the most common reasons why it gets broken and what to do about it:

1. Poor quality locks: Sliding door locks are often made of lowgrade materials that can easily break or become damaged over time. 

2. Worn out door frames: The door frames of sliding doors often become warped or weak through regular use, making it easier for someone to break the lock. 

3. Poor installation: If the lock is not properly installed, it can be more easily broken. 

4. Improper use: If the lock is not used correctly, it can be weakened or broken. 

5. Forced entry: Criminals can use force to try to break the lock, such as using a crowbar or other tools.


Free Onsite Inspection. Available 24/7 .

Fixing or replacement of the lock should be done within the shortest time possible not to become a victim of burglary. Ocean Sliding Door Repair & Installation is ready to help you any moment! We provide emergency service 24/7 with a free onsite inspection and repair on the same day! 

All technicians working at our company are trained to repair and install all types of sliding door locks and security systems:

  • Security bar locks for sliding door;
  • Sliding door latches;
  • Patio door locks;
  • Mortise sliding door locks;
  • Top and bottom shoot bolts;
  • Multi-point locking systems;
  • Sliding door smart locks;

Secure your home with 24/7 sliding door lock repair and replacement! Our professionals are available around the clock to help you replace or repair your sliding door lock. Don‘t wait until it‘s too late get your locks fixed quickly and securely. Contact us today and safeguard your home!

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